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Project Description
This project provides wrapper libraries that provide high-level access to the Guild Wars 2 API


Our library features:
  • Supporting a custom Http Client
  • Supporting a custom JSON derializer.
  • Everything is backed on interfaces, thus providing mock implementation or static content should be easy to implement (and handle through a dependency injection framework).
  • It has been build on PCL (Portable Class Library), this effectively means that you could use it on almost any .NET project (e.g. Windows Phone 7.x, Windows Phone 8.x, Desktop (WPF, MFC, Win32), Windows Store 8 or 8.1 as well as PCL is supported).

Road map

Basically I am a human, and there is only one of me. This project is interesting and anyone is welcome to support it. The code in here is not the final repository, however I'll be deploying in here updates from my private repository.

So, why?

Well It started with our first application: KUMQUAT. Initially on Windows Phone 8, then Windows Phone 7 and finally on Windows Store. All of them are using the same library client. Our project KUMQUAT has been released on three different platforms.

Here are the links where you can see our app and different screenshots:

Windows Store

Windows Phone

How to use it?

Simple get the nuget packages, for example using the PowerShell console:

PM> Install-Package Polaris.ArenaNet.GuildWars2.HttpClient
PM> Install-Package Polaris.ArenaNet.GuildWars2.Json
PM> Install-Package Polaris.ArenaNet.GuildWars2

Then you could do the following:

var gw2WebClient = new ArenaNet.GuildWars2.Gw2WebClient(ArenaNet.GuildWars2.Gw2HttpClient.Instance, ArenaNet.GuildWars2.Gw2JsonDeserializer.Instance);
var worlds = await gw2WebClient.GetWorlds("en");

Simple, right? That's the idea.
Best of lucks!
Additional information on starting a new project is available here: Project Startup Guide.

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